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Step Lines

[title] Change Hot End Adapter
[* black] Remove the hot end from the old-style platform and install it into the new style.
[* black] Tie the wires to the strain relief using a 4" wire tie in the notch shown.
[* black] Install the hot end on to the new platform.
[* black] This new arm upgrade has significantly changed the geometry of the printer. Because of this, you'll need to recalibrate. In order to do this successfully, you'll need to change your Horizontal Radius to 140 (if you haven't already) and the Diagonal Rod length to 290.8.
+[* black] If you're upgrading an Orion, you'll want to set the Horizontal Radius to 89 as a starting point. The Diagonal Rod length is 179.0
[* black] Once you've recalibrated the printer, move on to the next step.