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Changes to Step #7

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+[title] Insert Webcam URL in Duet Web Interface
+[* black] We will now connect to the Duet Web Interface for the printer.
+[* black] On the web interface, you will want to click on settings on the left, then User Interface as shown in Pic 1.
+[* black] On the right will be the webcam information. You will put in the IP address of your webcam for mobileEyeOS (include the http for a full address as seen in the pic). Next check the box that says Embed Webcam Stream. Then click Apply Settings at the bottom of the page.
+[* black] Once you get a green box that says Settings Applied, you can go to the Job Status section on the left and you should see the login page for mobileEyeOS. Log in and you will now have the webcam shown on this page.

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