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+[title] Install Pi Image
+[* black] Insert the micro SD card into your computer. I use a SD card reader and a Micro SD to standard SD card adapter.
+[* black] Install and run balenaEtcher. You should see the screen in Pic 1. The software should have auto-selected the SD card in the middle of the screen. If it is not your SD card, select change and choose your SD card.
+[* black] Click Select Image. Select the motionEyeOS file you downloaded before. As stated my file was named motioneyeos-raspberrypi3-20190427.img.xz Your program should look like Pic 2. Click Flash!
+[* black] There will be a orange progress bar showing Flashing. This will be followed by a box that says Validating. Once complete, you may get warnings about the SD card asking you to format. Ignore these and close the message as it is normal for a Pi image on the card.

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