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+[title] Software Needed
+[* black] There are a few things needed to get this going. First thing is the program I used to flash the SD card with the PI image. This software is balenaEtcher. Download it [|HERE]
+[* black] The Pi image I will be using is a an OS for Pi called motionEyeOS. The release github is located [|HERE]
+ [* black] In this github, you will want to scroll down to the latest STABLE release, and not bother with pre-releases. Click the first Latest Release, you will download the image file for the hardware you are using. The file I am using was named motioneyeos-raspberrypi3-20190427.img.xz from the 20190427 folder as that was the latest release for me.
+[* black] Not required, but suggested I use Notepad plus plus for editing text files. This is a fantastic program for all sorts of editing and has uses beyond just this guide. You can download Notepad++ [|HERE]