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+[title] Loading Filament
+[* black] You can load filament by heating the hot end up to 220 degrees and manually feeding the filament in through the EZR and boden tube, or by using the "Filament Load" macro
+[* black] To use the load filament macro, hold in the red button on the EZR extruder and press the filament in until it is just peeking out the side with the boden tube. Then click "Filament Load" under User-Defined Macros, and click OK.
+[* icon_note] Click here [guide|84|Click here for the guide on creating macros|new_window=true]
+[* icon_note] [|Click here to go to the list of SeeMeCNC Macros|new_window=true]
+[* icon_note] Picture is for reference only - the EZR will be orientated differently on the V3.2

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