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Changes to Step #185

Edit by Andy Oprisko

Edit approved by Andy Oprisko


Step Lines

-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] Insert the springs into the arms. There is a large hole near the ends of each arms for the springs.
+[* black] The springs will go in the large hole, and slide towards the end of the arms where it will sit in place so it cannot fall out. See pic 1.
+[* black] Insert the spring in the other end of the arms as well and let hang as shown in Pic 2.
+[* black] Install arms and springs on all 3 towers.
+[* black] The gold blinky eye logo on the hotend will face the front of the machine. Orient the hotend as shown in Pic 3 with the gold logo to the front where the machine logo is on the base.