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Changes to Step #168

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[* icon_caution] If you purchased the touch screen or Dual Extrusion add-on kits, it is much easier to install BEFORE the top plate is installed in this step. You may wish to take a detour to those assembly / installation guides before moving forward. Click the links below if so.
[* red] [guide|130|RostockMAX v4 Touch Screen Installation]
[* red] [guide|131|RostockMAX v4 Dual Extrusion Installation / Configuration]
+[* black] We will now use the upper sheet metal plate to cover the top.
+[* black] Note the orientation of the top plate. The large hole on the upper plate will line up with how the duet is moutned and the 4 open slots on one side will be on the side with the extruder.
+[* black] Press the upper plate on the machine and line up all tabs from the motor brackets with the slots on the upper plate and fully seat the upper plate.