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Changes to Step #164

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+[title] Prep Top Plate
[* black] We will now be assembling the top plate. You will need to gather the top sheet metal plate, 4 silver build plate clamps, 4 large 1" od plastic washers, 4x 6-32 x 1/2" long flat head phillips screws, and 4 nylon lock nuts.
[* icon_caution] Note the orientation of the top plate in Pic 1. This is the top of the plate. The orientation is important.
[* black] Insert the screws through the build plate clamps and into the sheet metal.
[* black] On the underside put the washer through the screw and insert the nylon lock nut to secure it in place.
[* black] Do not fully tighten the bulid plate clamps so you can still twist them. Tighten the nylon lock nuts snug but not fully tight.