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Changes to Step #160

Edit by Andy Oprisko

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Step Lines

-[* black] Remember the extruder set screw can't sit on the flat of the motor shaft, it naturally sits halfway on the ledge and will pop out of place when tightened so just put the set screw on the round area
+[* black] Here you will install the hobbed drive gear onto the motor.
+[* black] Align the set screw with the access window and slide the hobbed gear down the extruder shaft to the point the middle of the teeth are lined up with the feed hole as shown in Pic 1.
+[* icon_caution] The set screw for the hobbed gear cannot line up with the flat of the motor, rotate the motor shaft so the flat of the motor is facing the other side of the ezr struder.
+[* black] Using the allen key, tighten the set screw on the hobbed gear onto the round part of the motor shaft. Tighten this set screw very tightly.
+[* black] Install the silver knob on the extruder shaft. The knob will have a flat on it to line up with the flat on the motor. This knob is press fit onto the motor.