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Changes to Step #115

Edit by Andy Oprisko

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Step Lines

-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] This section will use the 3 idler brackets with motors installed that were made at the beginning of the guide. You will also use 3 small shims, 6x #6 x 7/8" long philips screws, 6x black endstop wires with pre-crimped connectors, and 3x 2 pin white connectors.
+[* black] Insert the crimped end of 2 wires into a white connector as shown in Pic 2. The crimp will push fully into the connector until you hear a click to lock it in.
+[* black] Repeat this process with the other wires so you have 3 pairs of wires with a 2 pin connector on them as shown in Pic 3.