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Changes to Step #88

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Step Lines

[title] Wire Heated Bed
[* black] Strip approximately a half inch of the wires in the orange tube coming from the heated bed.
[* black] Feed the wires in the orange silicone through the large hole of the bracket of the X tower as shown in Pic 1 and 2.
[* black] Attach the red wire from the heated bed to the wago connector with the white wire in the other side of it.
[* black] Attach the black wire of the heated bed in the first wago connector that has the black wire in the other position already installed in previous steps.
[* black] Your bed should be attached to the connectors as shown in Pic 3.
+[* icon_caution] In the pics shown is a white connector for older builds, your machine should have the thermistor attached to the new thermistor PCB.