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Changes to Step #87

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[title] Bed Thermistor Wiring
-[* black] Strip approximately a half inch of the white wires coming out of the base of the X tower (front left tower).
-[* black] Insert the wires into the white connector that is attached to the bed thermistor as shown in the pictures.
-[* black] They should be attached to the thermistor as seen in Pic 2.
+[* black] Using the 2 white wires for the thermistor, each end will have different connectors on them. Looking at the first picture, insert the wires into the black 2 pin connector shown.
+[* black] When inserted fully, you will hear the connector click into place and you will see the locking tab in the hole in the connector as seen in pic 2.
+[* black] Plug this connector into the board you plugged the thermistor into until it clicks in place.

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