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Changes to Step #65

Edit by Andy Oprisko

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Step Lines

-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] Attach the white wire to the first position of the wago connector next to the power supply as shown.
+[* black] To attach the wire to the connector, lift the orange cover on the connector, insert the wire, and close the orange cover to secure the wire in place.
+[* black] Make sure the part of the wire secured is stripped and the bare wire is being secured by the connector.
+[* black] Take the black wire that has one ring terminal and bare wire on the other end. Secure the ring terminal to the solid state relay as you did with the black wire from the power supply to the other output terminal on the relay.
+[* black] Secure the other end of the black wire to the second wago connector as shown in Pic 3.
+[* black] The wago locations from the power supply will contain a white wire, next terminal will be empty, then black wire from the relay, and the last position will be empty at this point.