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Changes to Step #20

Edit by Andy Oprisko

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Step Lines

-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] This step will use a large bracket and motor with pulley installed on it as shown in Pic 1.
+[* black] Align the motor with the bracket as shown in Pic 2. It is easiest to line the screw with the hole that does not have a slot first. In Pic 2 this is in reference to the bottom left hole for the motor mounting hole.
+[* black] Using the M3x10mm screw with washer, attach the motor to the bracket using a standard P1 Phillips screwdriver.
+[* black] Repeat this process on all 3 large brackets attaching the motors to the brackets.
+[* icon_note] Do not FULLY tighten the screws at this point. It is okay to tighten them very slightly snug, but the motor should be able to pivot in the bracket following the sloted holes.