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+[title] Bracket Assembly cont.
[* black] You will now be assembling the top motor brackets. For this step you will have 3 piles of parts as shown in Pic 1.
[* icon_note] The lock nuts should have already been installed in the black brackets in step 5.
[* black] Each pile will consist of one endstop, a large and small bracket plate, 2 idlers, 4 lock nuts (already installed in previous step!), 4 t-nuts, 4 large hex key bolts, a motor with pulley, 2 sheet metal screws, 3 M3 threaded screws with washers, and 2 thin #4 threaded screws.
[* black] Remove the metal tab from all 3 endstops as shown in Pics 2 and 3. Discard this metal tab as it will not be used.