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  1. Be sure to CLOSE CURA before proceeding
    • Be sure to CLOSE CURA before proceeding

    • Extract the files from the folder that downloaded in step #1.

    • Copy the folder named: Cura-DuetRRFPlugin-master

    • Navigate to this location on your Computer and paste the folder: C:\Users\[YourLoginNameHere]\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.1\plugins\

    • Paste the folder that you downloaded into the plugins folder.

    • Linux users can unzip the file in ~/.local/share/cura/VERSION.NUMBER/plugins/

    • You can rename the directory to remove the "-master" at the end if you want.

    • Open CURA

    • Go to: Extensions -> DuetRRF - > DuetRRF Connections

    • Click "Add"

    • Enter the Name you would like to display for the printer on the button in CURA.

    • Enter the IP Address for the printer.

    • Click ok when complete.

    • Load an STL file into CURA and configure your slice settings (if required)

    • When you are ready to print, click on the Print on [your printer name]

    • Open your WiFi interface for the printer and ensure that the print job has been started.

    • NOTE: This utility also has the ability to Save the GCODE file to the SD card in the DUET (without printing).


By completing this guide you add functionality to CURA allowing you to send GCODE files via WiFi directly to the SD card on your DUET.


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